MONSTROUS, Heavy Gainer, 6lb

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MONSTROUS, Heavy Gainer, 6lb

MONSTROUSTM, Heavy Gainer, 6lb

So you want to get big? Ask any top professional athlete and they will tell you that the battle for size and strength is not waged primarily with weights, but rather the fork and knife. The hardest part of any bodybuilder's or athlete's job is ingesting the massive amount of calories needed to gain and maintain muscle mass. Even the bravest assault in the gym will be a waste of time and energy without adequate high-quality nutrients to fuel the battle for the size and power you seek. Noticeable increases in muscle and performance can only be achieved with increased consumption of high-quality nutrients. 

Whether it is because of a highly-active metabolism or busy lifestyle, many aspiring athletes simply cannot take in the appropriate daily amount of high-quality nutrient dense calories necessary for them to realize their greatest gains. The solution to gain real quality mass is only one, BLACK SKULL MONSTROUSTM.

1. 1000 calories per serving.

2. 52 grams of High-quality, Blended Time Released Proteins.

3. Energetic Complex Carbohydrate Matrix.

4. Contains monstroustm.pngbrand albumin.


Other MONSTROUS Benefits Include:

1. MONSTROUS has no added sugar.

2 98% Lactose Free.

3. Mixes Instantly.

4. Unbelievable Flavor engineered by BLACK SKULL's in-house Flavor Experts and Scientists. 

So, you want to gain lean mass, strength and power fast? Then come to battle armed with MONSTROUS!